Groov View 4.1c Bricked Groov Box

Good Morning All,

I recently updated to Groov View 4.1c. Unfortunately when I updated it seems to have bricked my groov box.

I can ping it, but I can’t get to any of the pages, or the admin.

Any advice?


That’s an odd one: updating groov View shouldn’t affect the admin portion. I assume you’ve already tried just restarting it?

I believe so. Is there a way to remotely restart? Outside of the command in Groov Admin? Like can I use WinSCP to login and restart the box?

Something like this happened to me once. I had too many trends or something and it completely crashed/hosed the groov. I ended up factory resetting the groov and then recovering a previous backup.

I’m in the same boat with an AR1 not loading (I’m pretty sure it is on 4.0c). Pages don’t load, but it responds to ping.

Waiting for someone to be on site to power cycle and hope it comes back. The trend logs on this one were messed up (I think some NaN floats were sent to it) and I requested a reboot through Groov Admin, and it never came back.

I too have had this problem with an AR1 - unfortunately I had to factory reset the unit to get it working again.

I never followed up with this. In my case a power cycle brought it back, fortunately.