Groov to PAC S2 Timing question

I am using a momentary button in groov to turn on some lights. The button has to be held down for a couple seconds for the S2 controller to pick it up. From a PC, holding the button down that long is not a problem. From a mobile device though (iPhone), holding the button down that long activates other features on the phone (copy, paste, etc…). Is there a way to capture the groov push button action, with just a “normal length” push?

Do you know which version of groov View (or EPIC firmware version) you’re using? There was a change in groov View R4.1d that tweaked button behavior a bit to fix an issue with Momentary buttons and touchscreens; maybe it introduced what you’re running into.

The KB article for the issue in question:

I am running R4.1e (r56430), on the Groov appliance.

Firmware or strategy issue? Latest firmware update fixed some things, but a couple of seconds sounds to me related to strategy issue…how often is the polling rate for the variable coming from the button?

Not sure. I didn’t adjust it. Is it adjustable? So far I haven’t observed any timing or latency issues other than the strategy being able to consistently read the momentary push button.