Groov to Compact Logix


Good Morning All,

What would be your reccomendations for getting data from a Allen Bradley Compact Logix plc into groov.

I have an idea of how I’m going to do it, but I just wanted to hear some open ended suggestions. See if anyone might have any unique ideas.


More specifically I was wondering if it’s possible to use node-red to connect with the compact logix.


The official way is via KepServerEX. Using OPC-UA and Kepwares AB driver, it is very straight forward and we have a lot customers doing it.

Some AB PLC’s have ModbusTCP, so that might be an option as well.


Did you get a chance to tackle this?
Was Node-RED an option?


Yes I did. Successfully used a Modbus TCP Node with Groov data stores to get information from the PLC.


Groov works with Micro850 controllers as well (Ethernet versions with ModbusTCP).


Now groov (with an Enterprise license) supports EtherNet/IP directly, because Inductive Automation’s “Ignition Edge” is on board…and that includes drivers for A-B & Siemens etc.). So for non Modbus-TCP speaking A-B PLCs (like CompactLogix)…this eliminates the need for an external OPC Server. Here’s a link with some information.