Groov stopped sending event notifications

Hi all.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced this. I have 3 Groov AR1s and I have them sending alarms/messages to both email addresses and text messages. For some reason it only sends the alarms/messages to email addresses only (it just quit working on April 11th). I have three different mobile devices and all three don’t work. ex:@vtext;; … All the Groov boxes use the same gmail account and I can send a message to each mobile device through the gmail ap as a test, but groov won’t. If I do the test in Groov Build, it sends it to the mobile device correctly. Any ideas?

Anything interesting in your groov View logs? Have you restored a project onto those AR1s recently, or updated them? And are those event notifications showing up in the event history log?

You might be running into KB88691 - Restored groov View project is Not Logging Events, but I think it should still be sending email in that case. There’s also KB89539 - Events Not Sending Email on GROOV-AR1 or GROOV-AT1, but if that were happening you shouldn’t be able to send email through the test in Build mode either.

It sends emails every time correctly, but never to a phone number text message anymore. It worked all the way up until 4/11/2021. We did reboot every groov box. That didn’t help. The only thing that I have done recently to all of the boxes was change one of the users from an operator to an editor. Other than that these haven’t been altered in any other way in awhile.

I’ll check out the logs now.