Groov SSL and SmartTV


I am setting up a LG smart TV to hit our Groov box. The TV uses webOS, and has a nice browser. The problem that it will not accept the Groov’s SSL certificate. From what I have read this is a common problem with smart TV’s.

Short of using a Chromecast or a Raspberry pi, what can I do?

Thanks, Malcolm

I had the same problem. Sony TVs would not support SSL and Sharp TVs worked part of the time but were cumbersome even when they worked. I am in the process of using Raspberry PIs and working through the SSL certificate challenges with them.

I see that you posted in April 2016, what solution did you end up with?


Well it would be nice if they did support chrome, but I had not considered using the smart part for the project I am working on. I am going to use a PC to drive a 65" and have been trying to figure out which graphics card i’ll need to fully drive the Sony to 60hz at 4k and full color. I gather that the Intel 530 will do it but I also gather it will not unless it’s with a Gen 7 cpu.

The link shows all the processors that use the 530 graphics, a quick look at a couple of the i3’s show that they will easily support what you want over display port.

Well that’s according to the raw specs but I could have sworn I read something on their web site that stated that only the gen 7 will fully support the 4k stuff. There is also an issue with the hdmi ports. If the chipset or the MB doesn’t support HDMI 2.0, then it will also not be capable of full support, aka 4k at 60hz and full color. Otherwise you have to go to a add-on card solution of somewhere around the 1060 Nidia stuff. I don’t like the add-on option for this as it is guaranteed to have several fans (which will eventually stop and overheat) and all the typical firmware/software bugs typical of those cards.
Nobody makes a low cost TV with display port yet.
Also, everybody assumes they are getting 4k when looking at a 4k tv but since they typically take the lower resolution inputs and synthesize the resolution to 4k, it looks a little better and therefore people assume that’s what they are getting…maybe I don’t need the higher res, but since the purpose here is to use it close up to program and stack as many screens in a possible, then I will assume I need it.