Groov-srv-win demo

any ETA for the demo version of groov for windows? or will it be included in Ver2?

thanks, nick

G’day, Nick!

[B]Friday, November 22,[/B] is the big launch day for groov 2, and a time-limited (2 hrs.) version of groov Server for Windows will be available for download then. The software has no restrictions other than the time limit.

You probably know that the big news in groov 2 is OPC-UA support. If you don’t already have an OPC-UA server – many HMI packages include them – Kepware Technologies has a demo version of their KEPServerEX available for download. Opto has tested KEPServerEX with groov and recommends it. This server supports a formidable number of protocols and devices.

More about groov 2:

More about KEPServerEX:



Any body can help me with groov 2 time limited demo version download link?

Thanks & Regards,
Milind Raval

Hi Milind,

We are all very excited about groov 2.0, but we have not yet got it live on the web.
Pretty sure it should happen some time today.

Keep an eye on this page;



Hi Ben,

when I fill out the email field, I get asked for a password, and I don’t receive any email… what am I missing?


hi all
im in the same boat as pgaudillere here. i too filled out the forms (in 2 different browsers) and too came to the same problem. any ideas on where the email may have ended up?

Hi All

We have to fill our My.opto22 Login ID mail and PASSWORD there.

Milind Raval


The email with the link to download the demo is sent straight away.
If you dont see it pop up in your inbox, two things to check/try;

  1. Check your spam folder. We have worked hard to make the email spam friendly, but we have had some reports of it getting caught in some filters.
  2. On the page that follows the login, the one that thanks you for requesting the demo, there is an email address, if you don’t get your email with the download link, please drop us an email at that email address and we will get you your link. (We find that if you send an email to that address, the spam filter does not generally trap the reply).

Lastly, yes, if you have a My.Opto22 account, you can log in with that, but you still may find the email get caught in your spam filter.

Hope that helps get you going.



Hi all,

OK, I got it I had to use my opto22 forum account login. Now I am stuck on the installation: The wizard is blocked on the “Setup is preparing to install groov Server for Windows on your computer”, and nothing happens… Do I have to run the installer as administrator? My system is Windows 7 64bits.

best regards,


Hi pgaudillere,

My name is Matt and I am engineer here at Opto 22. I would first say try and run this installer as Administrator, in fact I believe this is required. If that doesn’t seem to solve this issue. Let us know, we are glad to help.