Groov server r4.5b SSL certificate

Version R4.5b of groov server for windows does not correctly install SSL certificates from third party vendors. My example, I use NetworkSolutions. I tried re-installing the certificate as described on page 26 of the manual 2078_groov_Server_User_Guide and the certificate utility reported the certificate installed correctly. I also tried rebooting the computer as well.

Once I uninstalled r4.5b and installed version R4.4c, the problem went away and my SSL certificate worked as expected. In fact, I did not have to reinstall the certificate at all, it was already there.

One word of caution, I had to restore to my backup of the project.grv file in order for r4.4c to work correctly.

Thanks for the solid explanation (and for reading the manual!).

@Jonathan_Fischer any thoughts?

If you wouldn’t mind reaching out to product support, it’d help to get some details about the certificate you installed. It sounds like the certification installation utility did its job, but something else went wrong.

groov Server for Windows 4.5 included a major upgrade in the underlying web server, and that’s probably where the issue is coming from.

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