Groov Server for Windows

Thought it would be a good way to start the thread with the announcement of a new way to build and view groov pages…

BYOB. Bring your own box. Got a Windows PC? Wana run groov? Now you can.

Software only groov!
[B]To install and run [I]groov[/I] Server[/B] you’ll need:

  • A PC on the same network as your SNAP PAC controller, with one of the following Microsoft® operating systems:
    • Windows® 7 Professional (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Windows 8 Professional (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2012
      [I]NOTE: .NET Framework 3.5 or greater is required for all operating systems.[/I]

I am thinking that its pretty cool to be able to run SoftPAC (that’s 64 charts of blistering fast PAC Control goodness) AND groov on the same PC!!!
(Personally, I am so excited about it, that I am now shuffling computers around at my house so I can do just that!)

My names Ben, and not only do I approve of this announcement, but, Im pretty excited about it as well.

Ben, need to select PC hardware servers for Groov on this tunnel job. Have no feel for how much PC hp is needed to run a web server.

This system will have 2 Groov windows servers (one for redundancy) and will serve at minimum 6 clients each with 6 display monitors each, so I have no idea how many pages will be displayed on each but I’ll assume 6 pages each. So lets say a minimum of 36 pages of Groov being served out simultaneously.

I have been considering 2 options, one definitely more expensive than other. First and cheapest one would be a Lenovo with 16 gig ram and i7-6700 somewhere around $800. Second would be an actual file server with winserver and E3 chip and raid, etc, etc. This would probably start at $1800 and go to minimum of $2500.

I’m not a tightwad but if the i7 is more than enough, then no sense in going through the expense and hassle of windows server sw and the additional complexity of a raid server.

I want it to be fast, any thoughts?

That’s not a lot of pages or users, so the i7 will be fine.
Be sure and back it with a nice solid network. The groov will scan all tags on the page at once a second.
gS4W is the fastest way to serve groov pages, but again, it will only be at once a second per tag and it will somewhat depend on your client to render the pages. (I only mention that because you do not mention what the clients will be).
Ensure the Lenovo has an SSD and you should be very happy.
(Just be mindful of how much bloatware can be running at the same time on new PC’s these days).

gS4W? Not sure what that is.
The clients will be maintained by MoDOT so I have no control over that, but I am certain they are probably decent systems since they have to monitor all the traffic cams for state.

Btw, i know that one a second is not changeable, but are they ever going to mess with that, and isnt that a bit slow? I mean 100ms is a bit ridiculous, but isn’t there a better compromise, ie; 500ms?

gS4W, sorry, short version of “groov Server for Windows”… That’s the name of the product… Less typing is not always clear.

Heh, funny you should ask about the scanner, we have 1 official request to make it slower (and thus use less data) and zero requests to make it faster (email me if you want your request put on the list)… In other words, every one seems pretty happy with 1 second.

@Beno Sorry to necrobump. I have a project that I want to work on that was made on firmware 9.4 Is there anyway I can use groov server to work on the project and it still be able to work with 9.4? This is integral as the project is on at groov box that is not slated to be updated.

Also definately put me on the list to have a changable poll time. Some projects we have have integral PAC’s that can sometimes get bogged down by excessive polling. I would love to be able to change the polling rates. Even to as big as once per every 30 minutes. Wishful thinking i know.

Sorry, just a little confused with the question…
You have a PAC on firmware ver 9.4. Its going to never get upgraded and thus stay on 9.4.
Your asking if groov Server for Windows will be able to talk to this controller?
If so, yes.
If not, just fill me in a little more.

Well rather I have a project I developed on a groov box in 9.4. I also have groov server on my computer for testing purposes. If i restore that project on my computer on groov server to continue to work on while not having access to the box, will the project stay compatible with 9.4? Or will it lose it’s compatibility?

groov is not tied to the PAC firmware version other than the PAC MUST have firmware greater than R9.2.

What groov uses is the idb.txt file which has all your tags.

So, yes, you can work on groov while the PAC is offline, no problem.

Oh no not the PAC, the groov box. The groov box is only updated so far. It has stopped at the update before node-red. I want to make sure if I open that project on groov server and modify the project and save it that I will still be able to use it back on that older groov box.

I am so sorry about the confusion.

Ah. That makes it a lot more clear… (The problem was the 9.4 version number is our PACs firmware version, groov is on 3.3b at the moment).

groov projects are just like PAC Projects, once you go up, you cant go down.

In slightly more detail, letter changes should be ok, so from 3.3a to 3.3b and back is ok.
Minor releases, no. (3.x)
Major releases, no. (x.0)

To be blunt, make sure both groovs are on the same version.

I think that is what you are asking (even if you don’t like the answer…)??

Yup that’s exactly what I was asking. That being said… I wonder if there is a way to find an older download of groov sever :spy:

Of course there is… Just log into and log in with your details.
All your older versions are right there.