Groov Server for Windows version upgrade

Hello everyone, one of my customers bought and used groov Server for Windows in 2017, Activation Key: JX9KCD399PRF.
May I ask, which version can this software be upgraded to for free?

All the way to the latest version.
The key is to the PC, not the version of groov.

Is it the latest version? I remember that this Key does not seem to support the latest version, I will try it first. Thanks!

With this KEY, the latest version of the software will not work. It’s been over two years and it’s expired.

You just need to order a Maintenance renewal, which is free of charge.
The part # is GROOV-MNT-10YR

Where are you located? If outside of the USA, you can order via your distributor. Once you have applied the new Maintenance license, then you can update to the latest version of groov Server for Windows.

thank you very much!

I am being asked to upgrade Groov windows server as well as help get it running on their VM machines.
I currently have 2 PC rack machines which run essentially same groov strategy, but since groov never had any means of redundancy, I had one pc talking to one reductant pac s1, and the other pc talking to the other redundant pac s1.

This is on the Lindbergh Tunnel Project.

So get it that I should only have to order the 10yr product to get a new key, but will installing the whole package on 2 VM machines be any different than just upgrading the existing machines?

And, is there anyway to solve the redundancy issue with groov that did not exist previously?

Currently I simply use groov to display a message on the S1 that is either offline or in secondary on the groov pointed to that S1, so the user has to open the backup groov server on a new browser window.

It would be really nice if groov could switch which source S1 it was scanning.

While I’m on this topic, is the efficiency of groov server any better than it used to be. Recently I was up there working on the screens, and man is it slow. I forgot just how slow it is. It can easily take 5 seconds to update. I’m sorry, but just cant get used to something slower than PacDisplay…0.1 sec updates if you should need it for some reason. Typically I like to see 0.5 sec updates.

One more thing, I gather that groov server is not available anymore as a new purchase? Did not see it anywhere on the dist list.

The license is linked to the VM (PC) MAC address, so unless both VMs have the same MAC, you will need two different licenses.

Upgrade or new install should be the exact same process.

Sounds like you need to look at your device health metrics and see whats slowing things down.
That and checking the size of any of your image library images would be worth while.
I run a pretty large complex groov View project here and have sub 1 second updates without issue.

groov Server for Windows is absolutely available for purchase. Not sure what ‘dist list’ you mean.

We are having a few pages on the website throw an error. We are working on the issue on our end, but you can always just reach out to pcs@opto22 and they can get you sorted.

Distributors List.

Ok, my bad, old list did not have it for some reason, but yah found it on new list.

Keep in mind it is a pretty old version, so maybe things will improve when I upgrade.

Btw, Trying to find groov server for windows is pretty difficult. If I search groov server, there is nothing the scrollable banner, and scrolling way down on the page I find the data sheet. That seems to be the only reference to groov server for windows on the entire site.
I also went to product selector under visualization and there is nothing about groov server.

Also, I thought I remember groov server was running on raspberries, was that on a windows over Linux install, or did Opto make a Linux version?

groov Server for Windows has never been offered to run on a Pi.
We had the groov Box for a while (two version, the dual fan red box and then the slim AR box), and yes, both those ran Linux and so a different install than gs4w, but the same code (the groov View code is cross platform to a point).
Now days of course its built into groov EPIC.

I always just fill out the form and get the .exe installer for the demo which is the real deal.