Groov Server for Windows Offline Installer (including .NET 3.5)

Looking for an offline installer of Groov Server which includes the required .NET 3.5 framework. Installing .NET manually is throwing me all sorts of problems for my non-internet machine.

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I was not aware that groov Server for Windows installed or even used .NET.
@Jonathan_Fischer would know for sure…

What version of Windows are you installing on? I know we’ve seen difficulties with .NET 3.5 lately with some of our other products, so I’m not surprised to see it pop up for groov View as well. I think we already bundle the 3.5 installer, but it doesn’t want to install on newer version of Windows automatically.

While groov View itself runs on the JVM, the little application that runs to provide a tray icon to easily start and stop groov View is written in C#. I can probably build an installer that leaves that application out. You’d need to use the Windows Services utility to start and stop groov View, but that’s not a huge hurdle.

I am using Windows 21H2. It certainly seem more like a Windows problem than a Opto22 problem. It’s one of those issues where installing .NET 3.5 manually using the Microsoft offline installer on an offline computer results in Windows attempting to download install files (rolls eyes). There are a few threads online that are pointing to this being a WSUS issue, so I’ll get with my IT admin team to see if there is something we can do there first. Also, I’d like to evaluate the groov Server for Windows as it was intended to run. I’ll let you know if I get it running or if I need some extra assistance later. I appreciate the help.

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My IT Admin team was able to get .NET 3.5 enabled/installed and everything is working as expected. Thanks again.

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