Groov Server and Snap Pac

I am experimenting with the Groov Win Server as a replacement for our existing HMI. Our system is very simple, we have 7 snap-pac controllers and usually only one hmi screen. We are currently using a high-end 3rd-party HMI, but support is getting bad and we would like to replace. The Groov View system does not have the bells and whistles like the current system, but it is simple. I have had to do a number of work-arounds to make the Groov View work like our current system.

I am wanting to confirm something – at first I was disappointed that I could not use the “visibility” attribute with the gadgets since it required boolean tags – and the Snap Pac does not have that data type (except with i/o points). However in playing around I noticed that even though in the tag selector for visibility the integer type was grayed out, by selecting and double-clicking I could still use it (integer as true/false indication). So my question is, is this a feature that was intended to work that way? Will future versions of Groov View continue to have this feature? I don’t want to do a lot of programming work and expense and then see that ability removed as if it were a bug or something.

Thank you

Good timing.
I have been testing / using the new version of groov View that should (if all the tests go well) be released next week some time.

It has the visibility feature you are looking for as part of its release.
If you can just hang on a few more days, that feature will be properly supported.
(I would not be using the grayed out option).

Thank you. That is good information. Will the trial version that is downloaded from your website also be updated to the latest version? I ask this because I notice that I cannot do updates with a non-activated system. Unless I am missing something?

Of course. All versions as best as we can will be offered as updates.
A non-activated system should be able to update without worries.