Groov RIO won't reconnect to MQTT or network after network outage

I’m having an issue with my RIOs not reconnecting automatically after there is a network disruption. My radios come back up fine and I can get a connection all the way to them, but cannot even ping the RIO. Solution has been to reboot the RIO, but shouldn’t they reconnect after a network disruption?

‘Connect’ in what way?
PAC Control?

Inbound or outbound from the RIO?
Whats between the host and the RIO, a radio, but whats the network look like?

Sorry, should have added more detail. It will not connect to the network sometimes, other times it will not reconnect to the MQTT broker. Network will be going from Rio, site radio, tower repeater to home radio to router. I can get all the way back and forth to the site radio, but not to the RIO without a reboot.

Is the RIO configured to use a static IP or DHCP? - I could see where the RIO can’t contact the DHCP server and then be offline with no IP or route. Not sure why else you would have this issue.

Its all static, have double checked assignments and it’s all fine. Just odd it won’t reconnect after say a network outage at the repeater or other network disruption.

What firmware version is running on these units? (I take it they are all doing it?)

I have tested this disconnect / reconnect when we were implementing the offline store and forward feature in the native Data Services (We wanted that feature for customers not using Ignition Edge).

I will go back out and find out.