Groov RIO with Ignition Edge Compute Module

We have 2 Groove RIOs running Ignition edge Compute licenses. They are on separate networks with hardwired analog 4-20ma signals running between them (to keep networks physically isolated). We purchased the ignition Edge compute license to be able to map I/O point tags to other controllers in Ignition Edge on each device. It appears that the Cirrus Link SnapPAC module that is needed to access the RIO device I/O points is a separate license from the Ignition Edge compute license?

Is there another way to get the RIO device I/O points into the Ignition environment with only the Edge Compute module, or do we have to purchase the additional SnapPAC/Opto 22 driver. Originally we were under the impression that the compute module included the device drivers for the RIO, compact logix, control logix, etc.

I am trying to confirm if I have a licensing purchase issue or a technical software issue with my purchased compute license.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

If you use the latest firmware on your groov RIO, you have an OPC-UA Server natively. You find it in groov Manage uder Dataservice.

You do not need any other device driver then. Just the Ignition OPC-UA client

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