Groov RIO w/ USB Barcode Scanner

Has anyone used the USB port on a Groov RIO to accept scanned barcode data from a USB based barcode scanner?

I saw this post: USB Barcode Scanner Setup & Flow (requires SSH access)

However, the above post is for the Groov EPIC, not RIO. The idea is that a barcode is scanned, a NodeRed flow translates that to an OPC UA tag, and then digital inputs that are read are associated to the scanned barcode (via a SCADA system, Groov RIO wouldn’t have to do the association).

If anyone has been down a similar road, let me know if you’ve had success. Appreciate the help!

I have done this in the past by using a USB to Ethernet converter for my bar code scanner. Then I bring it into Node-Red via UDP. This is nice because the scanner can be anywhere on the network. It does not have to be plugged directly into the RIO’s USB port.
MorphStick Ethernet adapter - keyboard, serial, RS232, sensor
It has worked reliably for a couple of years.