Groov Rio - User configurable io points

Currently we have a idea something similar to the below operation but rather than ipaddress i am looking for user configurable io points in groov rio from groov view which is connected to groov epic. Where user can select channel type and name the ouput accordingly. Is this possible through mmp address?

The OptoMMP protocol guide (1465) has this:

That should be the configured name of the point in channel 0 of the RIO. Additional channels are on 0xC0 boundaries.

What about selecting the channel type similar to this :

F010 0004 is the channel type for the first channel. The table of what they are is in the protocol guide, if you haven’t looked at it yet, I recommend getting it as it will help you tremendously in what you are trying to do.

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Yeah got it. Will take a look at the optommp document. Thanks for the help philip.

I tried looking for mmp address for ip address couldn’t find it. Does ip address have mmp?

As per @philip advice in this thread, you really should have doc 1465 open on your computer all the time given what you are working on / asking about.
Once the doc is open, the usual CTRL+F works quite well.

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I was looking on data type as string. Thanks for the info ben.

Edit: Got it!!!

Update on Groov rio io configuration from groov view. User would able to assign rio channel type. Replicated groov rio explorer.
Screenshot of our upcoming product software:

Invalid value (No sensor connected)

Configured rio as generic mmp io units


@Jonathan_Fischer and @JohnGarrett You two guys might find this post of interest.