Groov Rio SSL/TLS upload problem

Hello, I am having an issue with getting my Cert to upload into my cert authority on my windows 10 pc. I followed the video on how to install it. Opto22 - Video: Cybersecurity: Default Self-Signed Certificates with groov Devices

It accepts it but it never shows up in my list afterwards. I can open my Rio and it still shows its not secure. Any ideas? I’m still new to the SSL/TLS stuff. So I wouldn’t be surprised if its something I did.

Thank you

Greetings. Welcome to the forum.

Did you use the task manager to end the browser task?
Browsers will hold some tasks open in the background even if you exit them, they need to ‘end task’ via the task manager.
Also which browser are you using? I think Firefox uses its own certificate store where as Chrome and Edge use the Windows one.


I did use task manager to end the task. I am using Chrome as a browser. I tried again to make sure.