Groov Rio Programming

Hello Team,

I am using the Opto Groov Rio module.

Few queries :

  1. Can we do C programming in Rio, If not which programming language we can use and do we program it(Editor)?
  2. If we want to send the serial data(more than 1 byte ) on MQTT broker then what are the possible ways. Can we use the Node-RED function for that or any other method?

There are many options for programming on both RIO and EPIC.
Your best place to start here by searching the forums and by studying the many options and tool kits on our developer site:

MQTT does not care what the payload is. So you can send serial data or anything else via MQTT.
Of course you can use Node-RED, or Python MQTT libraries or any other software tool kit.
Here are some MQTT ideas to get you started: Search results for 'mqtt' - OptoForums

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Can you suggest any specific software for Rio for coding except Node RED.

Depends on what languages you know.
Python is very popular.

Okay :slight_smile:
then with python which editor too we can use?

Can We use CODESYS for Groov Rio I dont’t have Groove EPIC module.

And What about PAC control…?

Use a text editor.
On the RIO you can use nano or vi.

Codesys runtime engine is not on the RIO, so you can use it as remote I/O to another device with the Opto Codesys library.

PAC Control runtime engine is not on the RIO so you can use it as remote I/O to another device like SoftPAC running on a PC.