Groov RIO nodered error


We’ve got error message below and how to fixes? There are a couple of reasons, API key, server and the like.

We created monitor and control on RIO with Node-Red after this error then I must restart the RIO then the flow will start again.


Not a lot to go on here… Sounds like everything works, then it stops working, then your reboot the RIO and it starts again?

If it just does not work, its clearly the user / permissions / API on the RIO can not use Node-RED, but it sounds like it works for a little while?

Can you share a screenshot of the Node-RED flow or some more information so we can get a feel for what you are doing and how its breaking?

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Thanks Beno,

May I sent my project file to your email? Kindly give me your email address.

Anyway, see blow.

Below also some more info…after restart the CPU usage around 80 MB then after 5 days as below.


Can we still use NodeRed dashboard in rio while the epic running codesys and rio is a remote i/o?
My situation: now NodeRed does both monitoring and control, if we disable flow for the control and just use NodeRed in the rio to monitor and doing other applications like a alert etc. Will this applicable?

I cannot take risk while upgrade this system so, please advise to prevent mistake.

Many thanks!

I’m unclear on your use case or error that you talk about in this forum thread, but you can use Node-RED on the RIO regardless of the EPIC control engine.
You just need to think about what the Node-RED dashboard will do / display if the network between the RIO and the EPIC goes down.

Thanks…My life getting easier to upgrade this system then. Apologies to make you confused.
Currently, we use rio and nodered to do both monitor and control for diesel engine (pump) but sometimes, rio got error the flows stop then pump cannot run.

The rio will detect pressure and voltage sag(dry contact from power meter), on event of pressure drop or voltage drop the rio will start the engine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stable as expected then I will upgrade the system by add epic cpu and run the codesys as control engine then let rio as a remote i/o but I want to keep some of applications inside the rio then less complicate to upgrade this. Hope you got me.

I think I can use ping check both on the rio and the router(we can use some function on my device) and maybe alarm/send alert or do something like a restart …

That’s not what I meant, but yes, you will need to have some nodes in a flow to ping the EPIC and check if it can still see the EPIC data.

What I meant was that if the network goes down, your Node-RED dashboard will have stale EPIC tag data and the user won’t know they are looking at bad data.
You will need to put some code in your Node-RED flow to alert the user that the Node-RED dashboard data is stale.

This is just one condition you will need to handle with the layout you are proposing.

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Thank you Beno,
We will use epic to handle both monitor and control then - I mean codesys for control engine, groov view plus nodered for visualize and the like. The rio will take care just i/o part. (I go back to original plan)!