Groov Rio MQTT with attached serial

I’m setting up a Groov Rio that I was hoping to publish to my MQTT broker in the cloud, so the Rio would be the only computer on premises. It looks like Rio does support attached RS485 attached serial devices and that Node-Red flows can access those devices, but it doesn’t look like the MQTT service is able to export state from those devices.

Correct? It would be great if I could. Thanks,

Gudday Josh, welcome to the forums.

In this case, I would just use the Node-RED MQTT out node to send the serial data to the broker.
You can send the RIO I/O via the native groov Manage MQTT client and the serial data needs to be picked up in Node-RED anyway, so just connect the output of the serial node to an input of the MQTT out node and you should be up and running.

If you want the sate of the serial device, you will have to think about what ‘state’ means to you in regard to this serial data stream and have a little extra flow logic to send that to the broker on a different topic.

Feel free to brain storm ideas on what serial state you want and we can kick around some ideas.

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I see!
I was possibly imagining directly publishing register values from an rs485/Modbus device over MQTT, sounds like I should be using Node-Red.

MQTT cant set the baud rate, parity of the serial device, or know what registers to poll etc, so yes, you will need Node-RED for the serial and ModbusRTU polling.
Since you need it for that no matter what, then you may as well add one more node, the MQTT out node.

You mentioned ‘state’ of the serial device in your first post, that’s the one that will need a little thought.

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