Groov RIO Local IO within Ignition

I am struggling to see the Local IO channels from my groov RIO while using the Ignition designer.
I have tried 2 different methods with no success as of yet.

On the groov RIO, using groov Manage / Ignition Gate, the following have been configured

  • Data Services enabled and set up for OPC-UA, including the local IO device
  • IO Channels configured through configurations (only 2 channels being used, both configured for simple digital input)
  • Ignition Edge has been licensed and configured for OPC-UA, including a SnapPAC license.

I have tested OPC-UA with a connection to another device and can see data coming from this other source when it is added within my device connections. This seems to confirm that OPC-UA communication is working as intended.

Methods attempted for local IO listed below.

  1. Using the SnapPAC driver, and then adding the RIO as a SnapPAC device within the device connections. This leads to my device showing up within my device list but failing to connect. I have tried with the hostname, local host, designated IP address, and confirmed the default port of 22001 is open and not being blocked by a firewall.

  2. Using OPC-UA pointed at the RIO. This leads to a device being connected, and providing access to device specific data such as connection status, etc. This however does not provide me with access to Local IO. I believe that this process will work but that I am missing a step somewhere that will expose the Local IO channels.

Thank you,
Kody Reichmuth

@greichert Any thoughts on this?
I don’t have it setup just now, but never failed to get it working with the Opto22 Ignition module…

Did you enable Public Access to the configured I/O in groov Manage on your RIO? Without this, it will not show any I/O data in Ignition in the OPC-UA Quick Client.

First enable public access for all I/O you want to access. Then configure the OPC-UA Data Service on the RIO in groov Manage.
Next is to connect the OPC-UA clinet in Ignition to connect to the RIO’s OPC-UA Server " opc.tcp://address :14840/groov"
Then use the OPC-UA Quick Client in Ignition to check if I/O data is getting in

Are you running Ignition Edge on RIO or a Ignition Gateway on a seperate PC?

Edit: The RIO doesn’t support port 22001, since this is the PAC Control Host Port. I doubt that the Ignition SNAP-PAC Driver will work with a RIO. It needs a PAC Control strategy running on the device. The RIO doesn’t support this

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