Groov RIO goes into a queue in NODE-RED and doesn't get out of one

I’m running a flow using node-red on groov rio. I have noticed when I select a switch, sometimes, my nodes will have “QUEUED”. and the program seems just to sit… I don’t know what to do. even when I reload and even with stoping node-red and restarting, it will just stay at “QUEUED”.
what shouId i do?
do I need to add a QUEUEMANAGER npm? when I try to do this, I get an error saying install failed. I think that is due to a dns issue which I am unable to resolve.


Please can you elaborate a little more on what you are trying to achieve and perhaps share your flow and debug errors.

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If you are using ‘localhost’, then there should not be any queuing going on.
I have seen your description when working across a network, but never with ‘localhost’.
I second @Jakes request, if you could show us what you have, it would really help.

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