Groov RIO firmware 2.0.2 is now available

You may have noticed that groov RIO firmware 2.0.2 is now available.
My only comment here is that if none of these bugs are directly impacting your workflow / process, you might want to hold off doing the update as we are hard at work on version 3.0. (Which is going to be an awesome upgrade).

groov RIO 2.0.2
Bug Fixes:
•KB88608 – Get and Restart Measurement commands don’t restart measurement correctly
•KB89037 - Firmware upgrade: upload appears to fail; user logged out
•KB89048 - Node-RED stops responding or behaves irregularly
•KB89064 - Require Password Change option doesn’t work
•KB89066 - Quick Start not shown after creating first user
•KB89081 – Analog input channels with non-zero offset calibration show incorrect values
•KB89084 – I/O configuration between PAC Control and RIO do not match; -56 “Invalid Address” error
•KB89099 -Writes to Digital Packed Data Area of memory map fail; discrete output not modified

groov Manage 2.0.2
Bug Fixes:
•KB89106 - Channel’s Status field does not update for digital inputs onchannels 2-7
•KB89210 – After power cycle, groov Manage REST API calls or Node-RED for groov I/O nodes may fail

Because it includes shell access??

I love your enthusiasm! (But sadly no, not in this turn).