Groov RIO device as remote I/O module in compactlogix system

We have a customer application where they would like to hardwire analog outputs from a control logix system into a remote I/O device that will interface with a separate compact logix ethernet network (version 20 of RSlogix 5000). I know this can be done via SnapPAC I/O with the ethernet/IP configurator, but we would like to use a Groov RIO device and use the ignition edge allen Bradley driver to interface via the existing network. This would be OPC UA communication between the local RIO with Ignition Edge, using the Allen Bradley Control Logix Ignition Edge Driver to communicate externally with the compact logix device. Is it possible to transmit/link/bridge these analog I/O tags internal to the Ignition edge project? Would this require full blown ignition? I assume Ignition edge has an easy way to “bridge” tags, either through scripting or tag referencing, but am not sure if there are limitations with this approach on ignition edge. Any help/comments are appreciate. Thank you!

We do have a solution to map tags using Ignition Edge from one controller to another:

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