Groov RIO 3.6.0 Firmware released

groov RIO firmware 3.6.0 has landed today.

Be sure to check out the official firmware readme for more details. It covers many of the same updates as the EPIC 3.6.0 firmware, as we like to keep the two family members roughly parallel in features and fixes.

Here is a quick bullet list of some of the highlights:

  • Added WPA-2 Enterprise Wifi
  • Update Node-RED to 3.1.7 (Same version of nodejs as in the past)
  • Update Java JDK to 8.0.402
  • Update Codesys controller to
  • Upgrade Ignition Edge 8.1 MQTT Transmission and Opto 22 driver modules to version 4.0.21 in the RIO-MM2.
  • Added open-sftp-server package to RIO filesystem
  • Added sshpass and expect to RIO repo
  • Fixed explosion emoji characters (:boom::boom::boom:) in groov Manage

For groov RIO EMU (GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3) we fixed a bug where not all channel values are set to zero when a minimum threshold is not met for a phase.

You can download the firmware version for your RIO flavour from the one download page.