Groov RIO 3.4.0 Firmware Released

Greetings fantastic forum folk.
We have just released new firmware for your groov RIO MM1, MM2 and EMU.

New Features

  • Add native OPC UA server for local I/O and Scratch Pad.
  • Add port redirection from VPN or Wifi to Ethernet (To be clear, RIO is still a two port Ethernet switch).
  • Add SNMP support
  • MMP Scratchpad support for MQTT and OPC UA
  • Add support to allow MQTT strings to be published to one broker and SparkpugB to another.
  • Updated CA root certificates.
  • Update the Java JDK to version 8.0.332
  • Rename MQTT menu to ‘Data Services’
  • Node-RED bumped to version 2.2.2 (See Terry’s blog about what’s new).
  • Add option to download all status and configuration files in one download
  • For the RIO-MM2, Ignition and module version updates.
  • For the RIO-MM2, increase Ignition RAM to 512 mb
  • Improved certificate information on groov Manage page
  • Add more component information to the About Page

Bug Fixes

  • KB89890 - User repeatedly prompted to change password
  • KB90083 - groov RIO: 0-400k ohm channel type may report quality code 6 for zero ohm input
  • KB90206 - MQTT may not scan all public tags after watchdog changes for digital output channels
  • KB90223 - When discrete groov module is not detected, quality code reports 0 instead of 30
  • KB90315 - Some security certificates are not uploaded
  • KB90217 - Static Routes page incorrectly uses the term “Next Hop”
  • KB90221 - Static Route remains in effect after deletion
  • KB90328 - GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3: energy accumulation channels report 3x the expected value

Lastly due to the global supply chain issues we sometimes have to change the internal hardware of the RIO family. Fit, form and function is exactly the same, the different hardware simply has a minimum firmware version it can run (the new firmware has new drivers in it). This will be shown on the About page if needed.

Links to the new 3.4.0 firmware for RIO-MM1, RIO-MM2 and RIO-EMU

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Looks like a great update. Will give it a whirl this weekend.

Thank you Ben and the entire Opto22 team.

Posting here but applies to the EPIC as well…

Why limit the string topic path to base / group / subgroup?

I like to organize my tags by ISA 95 Part 2 (Enterprise/Area/Line/Cell) etc. which of course Sparkplug doesn’t support, but no reason to artificially limit string payloads.

I would expect a single input field where I can enter the base path.

Node-RED allows free-form MQTT topic paths.

Of course, but I hate using node red for everything, especially when I just need simple sensor output.

I mostly just wanted to mention it seems strange to force a Sparkplug convention on a non-Sparkplug option.

You could just set your “Enterprise/Area/Line/Cell” as the base path and ignore the other fields.
Keep in mind the write path will be "Enterprise/Area/Line/Cell/write/…

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