Groov RIO 3.0 Firmware Has Been Released

Hot on the heels of our groov EPIC 3.0 release comes our groov RIO 3.0 firmware update.

There are at least 5 awesome updates that are just so cool I just want to blurt them all out in the same sentence, but will take a breath and pace myself.

If you really can’t wait, (or want something to download while you read this post) hit up the RIO Firmware download page;

LDAP. (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This will enable your RIO to connect to your existing LDAP server and authenticate a user. In short, your IT guys can set it up via groov Manage and then you can log into RIO with your corporate account credentials. It will make managing a bunch of RIOs so much easier and even more secure.

Shell. (Yes! SSH).

You can now purchase a zero cost shell license and apply it to your RIO and have your way with it via the command line.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Node-RED. The big news here is that any nodes you have installed will be automatically backed up and restored going forward. (To be clear, this won’t happen going from 2.x to 3.0, but from 3.0 onwards). This makes future firmware updates for those of you using Node-RED so much more seamless. Perfect for those of you with RIOs that don’t have a gateway to the Internet.

Node-RED version bump from 1.0.3 to 1.1.3 and we added websocket support.

Lastly, groov Manage now accurately reports the Node-RED runtime status. No more guessing when the editor really is ready to go.

Thermistor (and resistor) support.
As if RIO was not configurable enough, we went and added yet another two signal types we now support! This brings the number of I/O combinations to waaaaaay over 200,000.
To be clear, in the case of the resistor input, make sure you look at the resistor spec table closely to make sure it will work for your application before you dive in too deep.

PID. We added a really nice user interface to all 4 PID loops to groov Manage. You can see and trend any of your PID loops via groov Manage web pages now.
RIO is now a sweet little stand alone 4 loop controller.

New USB Wifi Adaptor Support
No more hard to buy tiny Wifi adaptors with limited range…

From 3.0 onwards, RIO will now support this guy… Netis WF2190

MQTT. We added long/odd broker URL support and we also added an MQTT log.

Public API access to the scratch pad area and a nice groov Manage page to view it.

Public API for the USB drive unmount command.

So yeah, sorry for the delay, but so worth the wait.


Well done Team Opto22!!

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Great! MQTT SPB min/max/counter now work flawlessly with Ignition :wink:
LDAP and all other additional features are awesome! Thanks Opto22.

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Good to hear that you are using the new features already.

Am I missing something? The Firmware version on the RIO page is still 2.0.2
Was 3 pulled?

I was out of the office yesterday when it got pulled, so sorry for the slow update.
Yes. It was pulled.
Engineering found an issue with the thermocouple accuracy that was a regression (was not an issue in 2.0.2) so they pulled the release.
Everyone here is working hard to get 3.0.1 out the door by 5pm California time today.

ok cool thanks, Ben.
Good luck and thanks for all your efforts

groov RIO 3.0.1 has just been posted.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.