Groov RIO 2.0.1 firmware released

For you early adopters of the RIO hardware, there has been an important firmware update released.
Here is a snip from the readme.

groov RIO Firmware 2.0.1
June 8, 2020

KB88975 – Current Outputs and Discrete Outputs Can Reduce Thermocouple Accuracy
Bug Fixes:
KB88912 – Milliseconds Since Powerup Value Incorrect
KB88994 – Number of Supported PID loops Value Incorrect in Memory Map
KB89039 - Can’t Communicate with GRV-R7-MM1001-10
KB89047 - Reconfiguring a DI Channel May Clear the Feature Parameter
KB89005 - MQTT with Broker Using SSL does not Publish Topics
KB89011 – Incorrect Instructions about Downloading Firmware