Groov on Linux Sever (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) or as a docker package :)


I have been playing around with the demo of Groov for Windows and I really like it. The only thing that is a huge negative is the Windows Server part of it. Our customer is completely against any Microsoft products being used at all on their campuses. Lets just say they use a lot of Apple and Ubuntu servers. They have 21 sites in southern California and 6 in northern California. I am currently using mySCADA on a big System76 Ubuntu server to host it. We have issues with the Apple compatibility with some of the trending features, plus the trending app is another java program you have to load up and it is confusing for some of their employees. They are expanding and I am looking for something more in the price range of groov enterprise. Plus when I goto make a change to the system it knocks everyone offline while I upload the changes and I have already tried this with groov and everyone just refreshes and they are up to date, huge plus because they are adding more sites as we speak so the problem is just going to get worse. I mostly have Loytec L-Gate that acted as a really cheap OPC-UA server at each site, there are some that have older L-Gates that only do OPC-DA so i know i will have to upgrade these. Is there anyway to host groov from Linux I know it is pretty much all in Java with the exception of a few monitor exe’s written in microsoft dotnet 3.5. Please let me know, this would make life much easier!