Groov objects in Pac Display

Not sure if this question has been asked before, but while reading OPTO’s White Paper on “Building an HMI that Works”, I was wondering if there’s a way to use the Groov objects in a Pac Display project? Are there any plans to making similar objects available in the future for Pac Display?

Hi jameslick92,

In general, we’re mostly moving the other way (adding features to and making big plans for [I]groov[/I]).

However, there are quite a few objects (and options for creating your own) available already in PAC Display. Was there some feature in particular you hoped for in PAC Display? Can you give us a “for instance”?



While your question is about PAC Display objects, it seems a good opportunity to mention Opto’s often overlooked collection of [B]Visio graphics.[/B] The collection has illustrations of current and older Opto controllers, brains, and I/O modules plus other equipment like terminals, network switches, PCs, and other hardware. You can copy these graphics in Visio and paste them into PAC Display as rescalable vector-based objects, so you don’t get the “jaggies” like when you resize a bitmap image (JPG, etc.).

[B]More info:[/B]


Thank You David, those graphics will be very useful, and Thank You Mary for the info. We have a Groov box that’s been more of a play and test item, but with the OPC upgrades and OPTO’s future for it, we may have to start implementation now.