Hi there,

I updated my client from 3.4b to 3.4c this morning and now nothing works.
The install was successful. Groov monitor runs and starts without a problem. After a few minutes it just stops the service.
Nothing else has changed. I can start it again and it just stops on its own.

Please help!

Ok, after a server restart and a 3.4c reinstall the service is running (not shutting itself off anymore).

Now it does not connect at all, localhost is not accessible. Groov has simply stopped working and my client is bonkers upset.

How do I diagnose a fault or is there a log that I can view via txt file? There is no tool to tell me it’s actually connecting to the project or what to look for?

Bummer. If you want to check the groov logs, you can download a program called sqlitebrowser at
Then open the logs.db in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Opto22\groov folder. In DB browser you want to look in the LOGS table (which is the only table on mine). Be sure to sort by time stamp so you are looking at the most recent.


Try and connect to
(https uses port 443).

To me, it sounds like something changed on the PC. Firewall?

Hi Ben,

Nothing changed on the PC. GROOV was working perfectly, I downloaded the update, installed, then poof… nothing.
I’ll try using the port above.
I checked the firewall and the default port has been opened many times by GROOV updates. There is a string of created rules done by the GROOV install. But I’m sure this could not be the issue.


Ok, I uninstalled GROOV and deleted all files in GROOV folder.

Installed 3.4c and GROOV is now working again.

I have lost a few days work due to my own stupidity and failure to backup before the update (lesson learned, for the 100th time in life :slight_smile: )

Something during the update on my server broke GROOV. I looked at the logs and nothing stuck out. Just some failure to connect to tags. I know it’s very difficult to diagnose such an issue as there are a plethora of different setups out there.

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Sorry for the trouble! If you still have it available, can you send a copy of your logs.db to and reference this forum thread?

Got the logs and looked through them, this looks like the relevant error:

1508078019693| Map failed|ERROR|com.opto22.groov.server.datalogging.BackgroundScanningService
1508078019693|An IOException occurred while trying to retrieve a buffer for {:tagId 6090, :index 15, :retain 525600, :update 15, :interactive true}|ERROR|com.opto22.groov.server.datalogging.BackgroundScanningService

Somehow, the directory where you trends are stored got into a bad state and groov couldn’t map/load the data files that back the trends. Dunno how it got there though.

It might be a case of just too many trends: we have a known issue where things can get iffy once you’re up above 2GB of trend data being stored. We don’t have a knowledge base article up about it right now, unfortunately.

For now, if you’re seeing errors like the above in your logs, you might want to trim down the length of trends you’re keeping.


My groov reset to factory defaults after the 3.4c update. Right after the update it worked fine, then overnight (?) it reset to factory. I uploaded my last backup and it was up and running again. It has since reset the IP address.

Wow, that’s a crazy one. Can you contact customer support?