Groov Node Output Array Instead of Integer

This is very weird.

I have a groov “Read” node. Expected output is Integer.

I have a complicated flow before this node.
When the flow run for the first time. Output of groov “Read” node is Integer.

When flow re-run the 2nd time. Output of groov “Read” node is Array?


Its hard to know without at the very least seeing the data store variable.
I think if you expanded the array in the debug tab and got the output path you want you could change the groov node and have it work as expected.

I made my flow organize (more readable), i restarted PR1.
And it is still happening.

From groov store

I copy and paste groov “Read” Nodes.

Now I have two sets of identical Read Nodes.
I both injected them and got different results…

What in the world is happening.


Can you show us what you have in these nodes?


I’m not able to duplicate what you’re seeing, but I am also weary of what those earlier nodes are doing.
Also, are you using dynamic properties anywhere in this flow?


Another thing that could be helpful would be to put a debug on the output of Zone 1 to see what is being provided to the groov nodes.

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This is a great and powerful tip that I myself often forget.
Its very important to know whats going into a node when debugging. Its easy to just focus on the output and if its wrong or right, but if its wrong, then you really need to see whats going into the node to understand where the issue might be.

I polished my code. It is working as expected now.

I was injecting directly on the Read Node, and reading directly from output of node. And the output returned array with a false on it.
So I freak out for a moment there.

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