Groov manage moving I/O issue

I had a problem with a GRV-IMA-24 that forced us to move i/o locations from the channels 0-11 to 12-23.
Done with PAC control, no issue, things working, BUT Groov manage i/o shows the moved channels in the old and the new positions, duplicated, any one with same issue? (Controller was restarted, power cycled, , tried groov manage update strategy, same issue. last test to do is update PAC control)
Running latest EPIC and GRV-IMA-24 firmwares, PAC control pro 10.3D.

UPDATE: Installed latest PAC control pro, same issue, seems to be totally related to Groov manage not refreshing to PAC control new config after moving points.

Thanks to the amazing OPTO22 support the issue is SOLVED.
Some menu diving to: Groov manage, I/O, I/O services, I/O Configuration and then reset I/O to defaults.
Will turn off all I/O and solve the issue, no more duplicated I/O.

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