Groov Manage does not load

I am trying to access groov manage through laptop but it is throwing an error “500 Internal Server Error”.
The EPIC On board HMI is also not showing groov manage page.
On restarting the controller EPIC-HMI shows loading for aprox 30 minutes then screen go to sleep mode and does not respond to touch.

The Interal Node-red program is running satisfactorily without any issue.

Please suggest any other activity that I shall perform. or any other observation required.

Chanakya Patel


Welcome to the Fourms!

Odd problem… I’d really like to know what version firmware the EPIC is running, but you need to see the Info page, which you cant… I’d also like to see the network settings page, but you cant see that either!

You say the Node-RED is working Ok… You can see the flows in your browser Ok?

Leaving the laptop for now… On the front EPIC touch screen… You see the red start up image?
Then you log in Ok?
Can you see the groov Manage pages Ok via the front touch screen? If so, please let us know the version of firmware you are running.
I think you mean groov View when you say the ‘EPIC-HMI’?

Hi Beno,

Leaving the laptop for now… On the front EPIC touch screen… You see the red start up image? Then you log in Ok?

Answer: Actually the login screen itself is not loading. Hence, It is not possible to get login.
The EPIC touch screen shows loading with red backgroud for approx 30 minutes and then screen goes to sleep mode, which I can not wake by touch.

I can not see Groov Manage page via touch screen.

The term EPIC HMI is the on board touch screen of EPIC controller.

I have had this issue before. The only way I got it working again was a complete factory reset of the unit.

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I am thinking of Factory reset as my last option. But if it is the only solution then I will apply that.
The Only question is will I be able to download the licenses back from Groov Manage ? The controller is already activated in groov manage.

Yes, you can just reload the license as if the unit was setup out the box.

THe current license file for your groov EPIC controller is stored at your account. From there you can download it to your PC and upload to the controller that was reset to factory defaults.

That license file also incorporates any previously activated licenses to that controller. For example GROOV-LIC-CRE (Codesys).

See you in a few minutes.

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Hi Gerhard and Jakes,
The problem is solved after Factory reset and we are able to login to Groov Manage Screen.
Thank you everyone for the inputs.

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