Groov Login Timeouts

Hello team,

We can’t seem to figure out the tricks for keeping logged into the RIO. Some days we’re forced to login several times during the day, and some days it doesn’t seem to need re-login as much.

Can you describe the login parameters, and if there’s any way to change those settings so our users aren’t presented with the login form so often?

It also seems different for the groovEPIC, but we can’t put our finger on it because we haven’t found the pattern.

Thank you,

There must be something wrong with the alignment of the stars today. Less than 1 hour has gone by since the last time I interacted, and it just now redirected to login again.

The bad thing with Node-RED is that you can be in the middle of updating a flow, and push the deploy button - nothing happens. Nothing will happen until you re-login, and going there looses the work you just put in to flow creation.

I’ve found that logging in another tab lets you log in without losing work, but it’s kind of annoying.

I think what you are seeing is a mix of things.
For sure, the Node-RED issue is this one;
The cookie expires and Node-RED is unaware that it has happen.

For your first post, are you talking about being in the Node-RED dashboard or groov Manage on the RIO?

Yes, for sure the Node-RED behavior is due to expired session. The question is - what is the way to keep a session from expiring?

Do sessions have a hard-stop expiration, or do they expire on inactivity? Either way, what are the parameters of the hard-stop or inactivity, and can they be changed?

Thank you,

This is happening while using Node-RED.

Which version of the firmware are you using? Version 2.0.2 included a fix for this: we turned session expiration back off.

Thanks for the response. We’re using 2.0.0-b.92 on the groovRIO, so an update is in our future.

The firmware download page lists 2.0.1 as the latest. How do I get my hands on said 2.0.2 version?

Thank you,

Oh wait, we didn’t do a 2.0.2 RIO release, I was looking at the PR1 tickets. The next RIO release will have a fix for this, but I’m not sure when it’s due at the moment.

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep my eyes out for a release mail.