Groov Find not Working

Has anyone been successful using Groov find? I’ve setup a number of Groov boxes and Groov Find has never worked for me. Here is my latest failed attempt after I was forced to reset my box to factory.

Odd. I use it all the time and its been real solid help.

What do you see when you click on the ‘More Info’?
Can you hit the groov box with its default hostname?

Is there WiFi involved? Some WiFi equipment isn’t good at sending out broadcast/multicast traffic (from the wired network to the wireless network). Wireshark shows that groov Find sends a broadcast packet out to UDP port 2002.

More Info shows me the adapter on my PC. I can never hit it with the default host name:


I have a WiFi network but in this case everything is wired.

As you can see from my earlier screenshot Advanced IP Scanner finds it, Ping finds it, but not Groov Find.

Because I have a lot of network experience, I can always find it eventually but it always requires a factory reset.