Groov Event Notification Message

I’m setting up an event Notification in Groov which tracks 20 different tags. If any of them hits the threshold I set I want a Notification Email sent. I see how to do that. When I select the Condition button I only see the first condition as a selection, not the other 19. If I select the Project button, I have to drill down to the tag (I have many) 20 times to get all the tags into my message. Is there any way to speed this up? Seems to me I should be able to put the entire set of conditions in an email notification instead of doing it one at a time. Call me lazy if you like. ;-}



I’m not seeing the same issue here. I created a test event, added 20 conditions to it, and then started editing the message. I get the full list of condition tags in the dropdown that appears:

What browser are you using? It could be broken in one of them at the moment?

Does not work for me. I’m using Chrome. I tried to use the Snippit tool to grab a screen shot but the drop down won’t stay open. What are you using?

Edit: Just tried IE. Same Problem

Here are my conditions:

Here is the drop down menu: The links in the message I put in manually.

I’m wondering if it’s because the tags are all table elements.


Shoot, yes, that’s it: looks like we’re only displaying tables once. Darn it.

Filing a bug, thanks!

Note: as a work-around, especially in cases like this where you have lots of elements from the same table, you can copy the first one then click on the others and edit just the element number.

That’s a good idea. Thanks Mary!