Groov Epic will not connect to computer. Error -10057

Hello all,

I have a Groov Epic system that was setup and working fine. I connected it to another computer and now I am getting the following error message when trying to debug a strategy:

“ERROR: Ethernet socket error:Socket is not connected.” Code: -10057.

Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks!


How are you connecting the EPIC to the computer?

“Socket is not connected”, means PAC Control doesn’t see the EPIC on the network (IP address could be wrong, etc.) You would get the same message if the EPIC was not plugged in at all.

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Here is a search result on that error number here in the forums;

You are looking at some sort of network issue.
Most likely the firewall on the new computer is set up differently than the old original computer.
The bottom line is that if your network is sound, the computer is blocking access to the controller port 22001 and so you get the socket error.