Groov EPIC to HiveMQ mqtt to cloud connectivity issues

Hi, I am learning about Groov EPIC PR2 PAC and getting sensor data to cloud. I could connect to HiveMQ mqtt broker to get the data. But from here I couldn’t find better method to push the data to cloud and dashboard. Looking forward your help here

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I understand you are using PAC Control on a groov EPIC PR2 controller. If you are able to publish data to a HiveMQ broker, I guess you are using the integrated MQTT client and publishing PAC Control Tags. Is that correct?

To get access to the published data from the broker, your cloud application needs to subscribe to that data on the HiveMQ broker.

What cloud application do you want to use?

Hi GergardK, Thank you for the response. I am using CodeSys controller and NodeRed to connect to HiveMQ cloud MQTT broker. But I am unable to subscribe to same broker from cloud apps like aws kinesis timeseriesdb. Need suggestion here for which is the quick method to get the sensor data to cloud?

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What Node are you using to publish to the HiveMQ broker? MQTT Out?
Is AWS Kinesis supporting the MQTT protocol you are publishing with?

If you get data to the broker from the PR2, then you need to analize at the AWS end, how it can subscribe to that data.

Yes, I am using mqtt out to connect to HiveMQ mqtt broker. I am looking for alternate approach to push the data to cloud apart from the one i follow. If any community member did other ways, please share.

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You mention that you want to push data to the cloud, but don’t mention which cloud service, so its hard to answer your question.

In your other post you mention Kinesis, doing a search for that on shows this node:
node-red-contrib-aws (node) - Node-RED