Groov Epic simulator

Is there a way to simulate with Groov Epic? Right now when I run the simulator I get the error, “BOARD.GRV definition unknown.”

I’m going to try adding in a snap-pac IO unit and move all my IO to it and then remove the epic for code testing purposes. This will most likely work but I wonder if there is a Groov Epic simulator available.

Could use a little more detail on what you are trying to do here, but in the mean time, as you know EPIC runs a suite of software.

groov View you can download the free trial
Ignition Edge can be downloaded from the Inductive Automation site and run for two hours free.
Pac Control has a free software simulator that you can run for 12 hours.
Node-RED can be downloaded and run for free on a Linux or Windows PC.
groov Manage does not have a simulator at this time.

groov EPIC puts all this (and more) into one box, so its hard to simulate because we do a lot of work getting all these packages embedded.

I am having this issue as well. I suspect this may be a problem introduced with recent updates (10.1). I emailed support (at), and am waiting for a reply.

Sure, this is what I’m trying to do.

I’m developing an automation project in Pac Control Basic. The customer has not yet bought their equipment yet so I don’t have an actual Epic to load the code onto and debug. With the SNAP-PAC controllers I could just use the free PAC-SIM and debug my charts using it however when I try to load, I get the BOARD.GRV definition unknown error.

My temporary solution was to completely delete the Groov Epic and it’s I/O (from I/O units in PAC Control) along with all charts that directly reference the I/O. Then the code will load into PAC-SIM (v9.5f) without a problem. Once the code on this chart has been debugged, I can re-integrate (export / import) it back into the full project. It’s not a big deal, just a bit clunky. Hopefully there’s a better way to do this?

Per Opto22 support group:

What you’re running into is that PAC Sim 9.5 does not support Groov yet. Support has been added to version 10.0, which is just starting QA testing now. It’s hard to estimate when it will be released, but it is our current priority. Groov support will be in PAC Sim and PAC controller firmware 10.0.

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You may have a problem moving the IO points back to the GRV IO after testing. I migrated a couple projects from SNAP to GRV hardware and was surprised that I could not move IO points from SNAP to GRV racks. If logic references those points It turns out to be a pain. I had to add duplicate points with similar names and then use the global find and replace feature to transfer any references to the new GRV point, then delete the SNAP point.