Groov EPIC SetPIDMode


I am facing difficulties with “setpidmode” under Groov EPIC controller.

I am using “setpidmode(xxx, 0) when i was trying to change that particular PID to auto mode. It was working fine on snap pac system but not on the groov epic.

Can someone please assist on this?


Putting a test together, I find the ‘set pid mode’ command to be working as expected on EPIC PR1.

You can see the mode changes in the graphic trend.
So, the job now is to find out why yours is not working as expected.

One important thing to check in groov manage is your firmware version, I know they made a lot of changes to the pid function in version 1.2 which is what I am running.
Please check what firmware version you are running.

Thanks Ben.

Mine is running R1.01. May I know how to update the the firmware?
Is it at groov manage -> maintenance -> update?


Visit and get your update (its a 1.2gb file, so don’t be on a hot spot when you download it).
Then, visit this page;

In short, you are going to download the firmware file, then backup your EPIC, apply the update and then restore your files.

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Hi Beno,

Problem solved after update the firmware to 1.2


Glad to hear it, thanks for getting back to us.

you are welcome :blush: