Groov Epic Redundancy

I was just wondering if there were any plans for a redundancy kit for the EPIC PR1 or PR2?
I work on a lot of military projects that always require redundant controllers.

Plans? No, not that I know of.
If you need redundancy, there is the SNAP-PAC-ROK.

Thanks, that’s what I figured. I think I can make them redundant enough for this project though. How about blanks for module slots that aren’t used? I didn’t see anything on the configurator for them.

For sure, a lot can be done to make them a lot more redundant than just one controller on its own.

We have had far less than one request a year for blank modules, so for now, this is whats required to keep the dust out: Opto22 - SNAP-TEX-RCKCAP - SNAP PAC Rack Connector Cap, Pack of 16