Groov Epic program bugs


I have a problem with a Groov Epic. It appears about every 2 weeks (not really regularly, sometimes it’s 3 weeks).
About the setup, I have a Groov Epic with a GRV-MM1001-10 module. The program running in the Groov Epic is a simple pH controller.

About the problem: a few weeks ago, with the same period of time, the problem was a bit different. When it appeared, the program inside the Groov Epic was changed by an old version of this program. Then I learned about the Flash and RAM memory, and I understood that the program was saved in the RAM memory and that an old version was saved in the flash memory, and from time to time the program in the RAM memory was cleared. After I saved the program in the flash memory, this no longer happens.
But now what’s happening is, again approximately every 2 weeks, the program in the Groov Epic stops running. To get it running again, everytime I just go in Debug mode on PAC Control with a maintenance laptop that is always connected to the Groov Epic by the network, and the program is working again. Everytime I change nothing in the program or the Groov Epic, I just go online with the Debug mode and it’s working again.

I’m thinking to a power supply problem of the Groov Epic that would make it blink and bug. I’m also aware about the option in Pac Control “Set autorun flag after download” that is supposed to make the program restart itself when the Groov Epic is restarted (or am I wrong ?)
I’ll soon install a power conditioner which should confirm whether the problem comes from there or not.

Has anyone ever had to deal with this problem?

Hi Alexandre. For this sort of troubleshooting I strongly recommend that you contact our product support group.
You can phone or email, I recommend email in this case as they will need you to collect the EPIC controller log files and send them so we can go over them with the engineers and find why the PAC Control engine is stopping after so many weeks.

Okay I’ll contact it, thanks!