Groov EPIC-PR1 - Restful API

Hey Guys, I might be missing it, but is there no restful api for the EPIC-PR1 like the snap-pac-r1/r2?

I know that we can build a similar function like it through node-red, but wouldn’t it make sense just to have it baked in as well? Saves a lot of work and testing.

I am using a mixture of PR1 & R2’s, mainly because I need reliable serial comms for modbus RTU. Once the serial module is ready for the PR1, I will be swapping a lot and changing future builds. It would be nice to use my current pac-strategy without too many changes.

I personally think it wouldn’t be a wasted effort to have it included, will save a lot of users effort when migrating to the new line of product.


We are very close to releasing it. Will try and get a date for you.

The new REST API has been released, we just made an announcement but I have some extra links that might come in handy as well. To get the 1.1 update you’ll need to backup, update, and restore your EPIC unit, we have a workshop to walk you through that.

If you want to go straight to the usage guide check out the developer page, but even with that I use the API reference a lot. I also have a pretty basic use case written up on the forum if you want to get an idea of how it can be used.

Happy coding!

EDIT; almost forgot the training workshop, good thing @beno has you covered! Definitely follow that before attempting to use the new API.

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As @torchard said, the new API only comes with a firmware update on your EPIC unit.
We have put together a training course on how to backup, upgrade and restore your EPIC unit.
Well worth taking a look at;

EDIT, oh, he did link to this training course, I just speed read his post a bit quick the first time - or was that a sneaky edit?

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