Groov-EPIC-PR1 data through postman

Did anybody have any reference for getting Groov-EPIC-PR1 data using postman?

I require Int32 and floats values in postman.

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It is a simple REST call, we will try and put a work flow together, but in the mean time this should get you up and running;

As well as the API reference that Ben linked above, you can also find an interactive reference in groov Manage that will build your request for you, and provide the necessary headers. It is under the Info and Help menu, select Rest APIs, and then click the PAC Control for groov EPIC link. From there you can authorize the interface with an API key from a user in the Accounts menu, just make sure the user has PAC Control REST API read-only or read-write access before copying the API key.
Once it’s authorized you can choose any command and click “Try it out” and “Execute” to generate the request URL for you.

Here’s a screenshot of a quick example I put together using this method and pasted into Postman, using the URL and two headers for content-type and apiKey that the API reference generated:

Thank you so much your quick response. I am really appreciate it.

Your screenshots are really nice and it helps me a lot.

Now I am getting the “Groov-EPIC-PR1” data into the postman. And I am really happy for that.

Thanks so much.

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