Groov EPIC PR-1 backup, trend data missing

I created backup and then updated PR-1 to the latest firmware, all worked well but the trend data which was check in the options to be backed up is now missing, I assumed the trend data will be automatically restored with the backup but I can’t find it, any guidance with this?

It should have been restored with the rest of your project. There’s not much we can do over the forums for this: can you reach out to

Hi, yes, I will be sending the file too. Thanks!

I just did a backup from Groov server and see the same issue after restoring. No trend data is present. This does not seem like an isolated issue.

Well, I did an update to a different place EPIC today, followed instructions and check list, same thing again, lost trend data…I should say that OPTO did great recovering the missing information and sent me the data in excel format when I sent the backup files. The trend files are in the backup but somehow they do not recover.