GROOV EPIC not working

Hi all,

After powering up GROOV EPIC, the loading bar on the screen doesn’t progress and the processor keeps restarting after few minutes.

To be noted that:

  • I used the button “reset” of the the processor,
  • I was working on it and it already has an IP address (I can’t ping it),
  • Indicators of I/O modules are red,
  • I didn’t reinstall the processor before facing this issue.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Have you tried doing a full factory default reset? That would be a last resort.

Use a paper clip to depress the RESET button for approximately 8 seconds. Release the button when the
STATUS LED blinks alternately between red and green.

The issue still remains after trying the factory default reset.

Hi @echerif, if your unit will not boot after attempting a factory reset, then I would recommend sending your issue to the Opto 22 product support team ( or 951-695-3080)

Sorry for your troubles, and let us know if the issue gets resolved to your satisfaction.

remove the EPIC from the PSU and make sure none of the pins are bent