Groov Epic Modbus Slave

I would like to setup the Groov Epic as a Modbus Slave in order for a 3rd party HMI to access and control the unit. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? I recently download the Modbus Integration Kit from Opto 22 not sure if this would be the best way to proceed or not. Any examples that can be provided would be very helpful.

EPIC is a Modbus TCP slave out of the box, just like our SNAP system is.
This is the doc you will need. We just added EPIC to it today,it should be published very soon, but you can still get started with it.
The HMI will just get the registers it needs. If you need control program (strategy) variables, move them to a scratch pad location in a chart and you can display them on the HMI.

Lets know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for the document. I will review. Do you have an example of using the scratch pad for the control program variables?

Start here;

Use the command help.
Mostly you want the set, rather than get… But if you enter a variable on the HMI, then it can write it to a scratch pad and you can use a ‘get’ to read that number in the strategy.

Beno, I was able to successfully add my point to the scratchpad and confirmed on Pac Manager that it is there. My next question is how to I translate it from the scratchpad to a Modbus holding register.

See below for example:

You are almost there.
Pages 41 to 46 of the linked doc will take you over the finish line.

Thank you for the assistance. Was able to get it figured out and working.