Groov Epic Host name

Hi, I am looking on setting my groov epic host name to some thing like ( Once i set the hostname the page goes to the site can’t be reached. Is there any restrictions on how to use hostname?

No limit. Just the usual networking best practices.
Looks like you have a subdomain name groovepic and its on a fully qualified domain name We don’t usually suggest putting an EPIC (or RIO) directly on the Internet like that, but I know you guys seem to be setting things up a bit different, so it should be accessible with the usual port forward rule on your ISP router.
Internally on your LAN your router probably does not like looping out and in. Some routers have a setting you can toggle to allow for it.

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Yes got it. Thanks for the infomation beno.

In this case it is a DNS lookup failure - the host and domain couldn’t be found in the DNS server - make sure there is a record for groovepic in’s DNS records.