Groov EPIC Firmware 2.0.2 has been released

Just a friendly forum announcement that there is a new version of groov EPIC firmware.
There are a range of bug fixes in this minor point release.
Not much in the way of new features with the exception of Ignition and Ignition Edge, both of these get a bump to 7.9.14 and the included Cirrus Link Modules go to 3.4.10. Again, these are mainly bug fixes, but I do know that the MQTT Transmission module gets the new feature of accepting 3 certificate encryption and authentication. (I know of at least 2 customers that will be super pleased to hear this).

You can get the latest download from your portal.
The read me is located here; (Note you might have to refresh your browser or even use an incognito session to get the latest version).

Here are the main bullet points.

groovEPIC 2.0.2
Bug Fixes
KB89037 - Firmware Upgrade: Upload Appears to Fail; User Logged Out
KB88417 - EPIC Returns Error 500 Instead of 401 for Bad API Keys
KB88608 - Get and Restart Measurement Commands Don’t Restart Measurement Correctly
KB88804 - Large Arrays Written to Numeric Tables Incorrectly
KB88912 - Milliseconds Since Powerup Value Incorrect
KB89030 - Incorrect Lower Limit on Type “B” Thermocouples on GRV-ITMI-8 & GRV-ITM-12
KB89048 - Node-RED Stops Responding or Behaves Irregularly
KB89053 - groov Manage Doesn’t Correctly Display PAC Control REST API Swagger Configuration File
KB89064 - Require Password Change Option Doesn’t Work
KB89066 - Quick Start Not Shown After Creating First User
KB89079 - Unpredictable Behavior With CODESYS Controller
KB89099 - Writes to Digital Packed Data Area of Memory Map Fail; Discrete Output Not Modified

PAC Control Engine 10.3b
Bug Fixes
KB88789 - Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table [Ex] Commands May Not Retrieve All Analog Inputs/Outputs
KB88880 - Incorrect Headers in Response to Authentication Request
KB88831 - Open Outgoing Communication Command Does Not Create Directory; Returns -417 Error
KB88995 - 9-bit Addressing Mode Does Not Work
KB89035 - Configuration Changes Not Sent to RIO I/O
KB89056 - Enable Communication to I/O Unit Command Does Not Enable EPIC I/O Unit
KB89073 - If RIO Channels Changed from One Supported Combination to Another Supported Combination, Errors may be Reported
KB89074 - Can’t Communicate with PAC Controller Even Though groov Manage Shows Running
KB89087 - Quadrature Counter Feature Not Set on GRV-IDCIFQ-12 Module
KB89102 - I/O Point Mismatch Errors Generated by Some Discrete Channels on RIO

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