Groov EPIC firmware 2.0.1 has been released

Hot off the press.

groov EPIC firmware version 2.0.0 has been uploaded to your manage website so you can grab it any time you like.
Best page to start with is probably this one;

Usual warning and guides…
Make sure you back up everything before you upgrade.
If you are using Ignition back up the Gateway settings and unactivate your license.

This is mostly an ‘all about RIO’ release.
Some good bug fixes (VPN), but it mostly adds RIO support to groov View and the PAC Control Engine.

Read all about it in the readme;


Cool! Continuous working VPN is what I need…

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Is it just me or was 2.0.0 rolled back? I’m only seeing 1.5.0 as an option on MyOpto.

Yes, it has been rolled back for the moment.
There is an issue with Node-RED in the 2.0 firmware that required the roll-back.
We are working on it and should have an update in the next few hours.


Here is the KB on the issue.

Update on the update.
We hope to have 2.0.1 released around Tuesday (May 19) which will address this issue.

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Yip - my partner and I sat scratching our heads till LATE last night on 2.0 with node red and the SSL
He told me it’s a bug and I persisted…

Happy to announce that 2.0.1 has been released.

Log into your portal and grab the update now.

groovEPIC 2.0.1
Bug Fixes
•KB88824 - Modified user signed out of GRV-EPIC-PR1
•KB88978 - SSH: Some Vimrc settings changed or missing
•KB89013 - Can save account with no password then login
•KB89014 - Can’t run PAC Control Node-RED nodes or REST API; -401 error

PAC Control Engine 10.3b
Bug Fixes
•KB88970 - Move Numeric Table To I/O Unit Ex may move wrong number of points
•KB89009 - Can’t enable I/O unit that has missing or incorrect groov module
•KB89010 - Can’t receive characters from GRV-CSERI-4 module; -39 error


Thanks for getting this out. I have to say, support and the developers were stellar on this one. They were able to get me a patched build for the serial communications issues very quickly. Great job!


well done Opto22 team!

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Updated this morning and works great!

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